I use pastels, oil paints and mixed medium in my work. Iā€™m interested in exploring various aspects of extreme emotions. Some that may be common to all of us such as sadness or joy but also emotions that include suicide or delusional thoughts.

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Diana Gongora

is an artist who has lived most of her life in New York City with several soujourns in Europe. She received a liberal arts degree from Bard College where she majored in painting. Diana also spent a year in Florence studying at SACI (Studio Arts Center International). At Bard College, she studied with masters such as Roy Lichtenstein and Richard Pousette-Dart and assisted them during their residencies at Bard. Upon graduating, Diana moved to Berlin, Germany where she established her art studio, immersed herself in the German language and culture. In Berlin, she exhibited in A Punkt M Punkt Gallerie and had a solo show at Scanart Gallery. While in Berlin Diana became inspired by the dynamic and vibrant paintings and the colors of the "Der Blau Reiters", an art movement from the 1911-1914.

Longing for the vivacity of New York City, Diana returned to the states and worked on her MFA degree in painting from Hunter College. She continued to travel abroad and exhibited her work in cities such as Florence, Stuttgart and Tokyo. Diana also lived and worked in Austria and established a studio in Graz.

In 2005, Diana received a Master's degree in Creative Arts Therapy from Pratt Institute, received her license, and began working with patients with mental illness.
Diana currently lives and works in New York City.