“You“  Pastel on Paper, 20 by 30 inches

The life of a line is my muse. I am drawn to  the body of a line through its lightness and heaviness.  I am interested in making colors and movement through mark making. I experiment with colors to produce light and depth.  Patterns and the juxtaposition of specific colors and the subconscious effect they provoke, interests me.

My primary materials are pastels and oil paints. Pastels with its powdered pigment and binder and oil paints consisting of pigment, oils and thinners were first used in the 15th century and 650 AD. These materials have remained consistent and have sustained the various periods in art history, founding its unique voice in a variety of its artists.  This connection I have to early explorations of the materials fascinate me. Through the earthiness of pastel and the fluidity, slow drying and richness of oil and pigment, I explore the line to create pockets of patterns, forms and fields of color.  I destroy pieces of pastel on a paper to create something new. 

Within the work, there are references to 20th century German art and Italian Renaissance art. I explore and interpret the colors, light, shade and gestures of these periods.

I construct surfaces that have a variety of marks using lines, color and forms that sometimes refer to fragments or hints of animals or human figures. I deconstruct figures to explore their forms. Within my pictures there exist other pictures that call to communicate with another areas of the surface.